Session Track

  • Track 1 - Management, Education and Research

    Human Resource Management

    Management of Technology Education and Research

    Innovation Policy and Management

    IT Management: e-Government, e-Commerce

    Management of Technology for the Knowledge Economy

    Management of Technology in Developing Countries

    Project and Program Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Six Sigma and Quality Management

    Semantic Web and Ontology Management Technology

  • Track 2- Health and Innovation

    Telecommunications Technology, Health Services, and Technology Assessment

    e-Health Technologies

    Health Informatics

    Human Resources & Healthcare Management

    Telemedicine Technologies and Telehealth Services

  • Track 3- Education Innovation

    Teaching Practice Management Practices

    Education Policy Administrative System

    Educational Psychology Strategic Management

    Educational Reform Organizational Management

    Curriculum Reform Knowledge Management

    Ideological and Political Education Information Management

    Educational Party Construction Technology Management

    Vocational Education Engineering Management

    Adult Education Human Resources Management

    Audio-visual Education Financial Management

    Education Economy Project Management

    Technology Development Knowledge Innovation Project

    Discipline, Specialty Construction and Talents Cultivation

    Changes and Challenges in Engineering Education

    Interactions between Enterprise and Education

    Social and Cultural Impact of Modern Communications for Engineering Education

    Education Policies, Privacy, Safety and Security

    Education, Teaching, and E-learning

    Educational Games and Software

    Future Trends Transforming Teaching & Learning

  • Track 4- Business & Management Studies

    Business Law & Ethics

    Business, Comparative Advantages & Developing

    Capital resources & Financing Entrepreneurship

    Consumer Behaviour & Marketing

    Development Research & Method

    Economic Development & Globalization

    Environment Limits to Economic Development

    Information Science and Technology & Business Information System

    International Business & Management

    Rural Development & Agribusiness

    Small business Management

    SME Development

  • Track 5- Science and Social Science

    Science & Technology

    Accessibility to Disabled Users


    Assessment Tools

    Brain Based Strategies & Learning Science

    Cybersecurity & School Safety

    Digital Literacy

    Digital Teaching Tools

    Game Based Learning (GBL)

    Learning Science applications

    Learning Space Design


    Mobile Learning


    School Culture and Change Management

    Second Life Educators

    Social Emotional Learning

    Technology Embedded Pedagogy

    Transferring Disciplines

    Virtual Learning Environments

  • Track 6: Emerging Technologies

    Management of Innovation and Technology

    Green Technologies

    Environmental Technology Management

    Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies

    Information and Communication Technology Management

    Technological Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions

    Technology Foresight and Forecasting

    Technology Intelligence and Planning

    Technology in the Financial / Services Sector

    Technology Strategy

    Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization

    Water Desalination Technologies

    The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies

    Theory of Technology

    Web Technologies and Information Management