Dwijendra University Denpasar

Dwijendra University Denpasar is one of the educational units, namely higher education under the auspices of the Dwijendra Denpasar Foundation. The embryo born at Dwijendra University started from the Bali Traditional Architecture College, then on July 28, 1982 it was merged into Dwijendra University. The establishment of Dwijendra University, with its main scientific pattern, namely Culture and religion by giving special meaning to Balinese culture, is expected to provide a double-dimensional orientation, namely living the past as a guide for comparison of the present and the future. This dimension is described in the selection of the type of Faculty, Study Program and program level as a step in the development of Dwijendra University. Dwijendra University maintains 5 Faculties with 10 Study Programs and is held legally in accordance with applicable legal provisions contained in the granting of operating permits and is accredited by BAN-P. The realization of Dwijendra University as a leading university in implementing the Tri Dharma of higher education which includes excellence in the fields of education, research and community service.