About Association

International Society of Environmental Relationship And Sustainability (ISERS)

International Society of Environmental Relationship and Sustainability (ISERS) is one of the world's largest non-profitable professional associations operating under Technoarete Research And Development Association (TRADA) meant for research and development in the field of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change. ISERS is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development on environmental planning, research, and management.

ISERS aims to enhance the quality of the environment, promote a greener economy, and improve people’s livelihoods. It will focus on the social concerns of underprivileged groups and on the creation of a green economy, to help realize its vision of sustainable development. ISERS connect engineers, exchange global innovation and act as a bridge between Researchers & Academicians by organizing,

  • International Conference
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • International Workshops
  • Seminars/ Guest Lectures
  • Short Term Training Programmes
  • Providing Membership
  • Establishing Chapters
  • Faculty Exchange Programme
  • In plant Training
  • Publishing Research Articles

For More Details Click https://www.isers.net/